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The Whole Grain Promise

Whole grains, with their heart disease-fighting properties and the combined synergistic health effects of their phytochemicals and nutrients, can provide powerful protection from modern diseases and even help people stay slim.  Read Article »

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Salba Australia Pty Ltd

Salba - Nature's Perfect Whole Food

Salba is the richest whole food source of Omega 3 fatty acids and fiber found in nature. Gram for gram, Salba provides eight times more Omega 3s than salmon, four times more fiber than flax, six times more calcium than whole milk, 30 percent more antioxidants than blueberries, and much more.

Gram for Gram

One 12g (approx. 2 tbsp) serving of Salba offers the following essential vitamins and minerals:

50% of the Folate
of Asparagus
Salba Nutrition
4x more
Vegetable Protien
than Kidney Beans
Salba Nutrition
10x more
Essential Fatty
Acid than Salmon
Salba Nutrition
15x more
than Broccoli
Salba Nutrition
4x more
than Blueberries
3x more Iron
than Spinach
Salba Nutrition
3x more Fibre
than Oats
Salba Nutrition
2x more Potassium
than a Banana
Salba Nutrition
6x more Calcium
than Whole Milk

Salba Australia - Nature's Perfect Whole Food


We welcome Shantelle as the Ambassador of Salba Chia. Shantelle is the creator of SAVILIFE Originally from Saskatoon, Canada, Shantelle was given the title of ‘Sunshine Girl’ from a young age

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Salba the Seed of Wellness: An Ancient Grain that is Chasing Diabetes

Imagine if one little grain could provide many of your daily nutrients and at the same time improve your health, especially in diabetes. That’s the case with Salba. Read Article »